Equine Veterinary

Equine Veterinary

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Equine Veterinary

At Drumrainey Veterinary Surgery, we are equine enthusiasts with a track record of offering comprehensive equine veterinary treatments.  We have  state-of-the-art portable teeth rasping equipment and a new ultrasound machine for scanning tendons. Lameness assessments can be conducted by our team using our ultrasound scanner and X-Ray equipment. Equine dentistry and reproduction are also offered in our surgery. Artificial Insemination with fresh and frozen semen is a treatment that our expert team can offer. Stage 2 and Stage 5 vettings are also carried out by the Drumrainey Vets team. Drumrainey Vets can now offer equine gastroscopy in our practice which can provide a complete examination of the two lining tissues of your horses stomach using a 3.5m flexible video-endoscope. 

Equine Veterinary




Lameness Assessments

Teeth Rasping

Portable Digital X-Ray

Molar Extractions


Scanning Mares

General Medical Conditions

Pre-Purchase Examinations

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We are one of the few remaining independent veterinary clinics in Ireland. We pride ourselves on the high level of care we provide to the horses we treat and the relationships we have built with our customers over decades in the community.

Meet Our equine Vets

Mr Peter Cassidy
BVMsci MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon
Mr Peter Cassidy
BVMsci MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon