Drumrainey Veterinary Clinic – Vet Impress

VetIMPRESS is a fully automated cloud based system that collates information from data sources both on and off the farm. This includes data from the veterinary practice and from service providers used by the farm or the vet to create a complete picture of the health and welfare of the animals.

For the first time Vets have a truly comprehensive picture with concrete metrics of what is happening on the farm. All data is collected in a simple and straightforward, usually automated way and combined in one central location which is accessible in a user friendly format for both Vet and farm clients.

From this valuable data the Vet can now identify potential issues and problems in advance that could impact productivity or efficiency.

BenefitsAutomated access to existing farm and animal data

– Automated access to existing farm and animal data

– Proactive monitoring and alerts of incoming data to targets and thresholds

– Access to previously unavailable or unrecorded data

– Greater ability to capture data easily in an efficient and economical way

– Live data entry and immediate analysis; providing greater insight and information for the Vet at the point of care

– Open and clear relationship and information flow between Vet and farm client

– Greater visibility and transparency for farm clients

Using VetIMPRESS for our Clients

VetIMPRESS allows us to demonstrate the true value in service received. We can proactively prevent problems, losses and it allows us to be the best equipped primary consultant to a farm with all valuable and relevant data.

We are already using VetIMPRESS to help clients achieve real progress in their farms including:

Lab work data flow

Lameness and mobility schemes

Heifer-rearing schemes

Fertility data management

Vaccine alerts